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European Super League officially suspended!:

Well…That was a ride! The ESL or European Super League has dominated football headlines over the last two days, and rightly so. If it had gone ahead, it would’ve been the biggest shakeup in footballing history, and have torn apart the game we loved.

When the fabric of football and the foundations of football were in jeopardy, fans united and more importantly, fans won. And with that, the ESL has been officially suspended.

The news of this has come after one-by-one, clubs began to announce their exit from the prospective competition. Manchester City became the first team to announce their departure, but since then all six English teams have departed.

Alongside this, of the initial twelve teams, just four currently remain as both Milan sides have announced their departure from the project. Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid are the only clubs to not announce their departure from the project.

This will come as a huge blow to Real Madrid president and the ESL’s chairman Florentino Perez. The seventy-four year-old Spaniard claimed the project was “saving football”, whilst also claiming “young people find football matches were too long”. Now however, the project firmly has the brakes on. A conclusion that has come after fans old and young rose up and made their voices heard loud and clear.

You can read the full statement of the ESL below. But, remember this is just the pause button, the Super League will return. So, when it does we once again will have to remind the world, football is for the fans, and any future changes will have to happen on our terms.

The statement of the ESL

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