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The European Super League: Support your local!

Last night, the European Super league (ESL) was announced, with the league being formed by the chairmen, owners and executives of 12 of the biggest current football clubs in Europe. Despite the backlash, the league looks as though it will go ahead, with all of English footballs ‘big six’, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea. Whilst the idea is outwardly uncompetitive, it may not be the end for football as we know it. Grassroots football could see a huge benefit!

Premier League, Man United
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Now that the league looks as though it will happen, there is no better time for all ‘big six’ fans to support their local grassroots side, as they are the hardest hit by this pandemic, which is not what the ‘big six’ want you to believe. Although it may not seem like it at the moment, Grassroots football in England is the heart of football, and any support you can give these clubs local to you will help out massively!

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – MARCH 29: Goal nets are put up as grassroots football starts again as the roadmap out of lockdown in England continues with a friendly match between West Didsbury AFC and Cheadle FC on March 29, 2021 in Manchester, England. (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images)

With the ESL, the essence of fair competition is removed, with no possibility of a Jamie Vardy spearheaded Leicester title win, no Aguero 94th minute goal and no Porto 2004 Champions League win. The fact that no relegation can happen, will cement the ability of the founder members to hold all the power over European football forever. So, the fans need to support their local sides, as to show the businessmen who are trying to steal the beautiful game from the people, that the game will always belong to the people.

Teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City are built off the backs of the working classes, and owners are ready to lose all of the history in favour of a short term payday. But, not all is lost, as fans of these clubs have options when it comes to supporting a team much lower down the pyramid. Manchester United fans have both FC United of Manchester and Salford City, and the former see themselves as the real continuation of the Manchester United before the Glazers took over. Although, as many of the fans are not local to the ‘big six’ sides, and so there are clubs up and down the country who would benefit from YOUR support.

Whether you chose to continue to support your side, or change to support a local non-league side, is not up to anyone else. But, fans should seriously consider what their teams think of their own fans, with little to no care for the fans shown by the proposed ESL.

If you already support a non ‘big six’ side, what do you think of the ESL? And for fans of ‘big six’ sides, who do you plan on supporting here in England if the ESL happens?

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