With the country on the verge of another lockdown, this may be the last weekend of Sunday league until early December. But it has been a great weekend if it is the last one for a while!

This Sunday saw some great games up and down the country, but the big issue facing Sunday league football right now is the impending lockdown. What might this mean for players and staff in grassroots football here in England?

This new lockdown will affect all of football, but perhaps grassroots and Sunday league most of all. If Sunday league is not allowed to continue (although there are petitions available for you to sign!) one of the biggest casualties will be the mental health and wellbeing of many involved in Sunday league football. Even only playing once a week, can be so beneficial to the many who play, as a relief from everyday life. 

Another issue that may arise is that fitness may also reduce, as people will be unable to exercise quite the same as playing 90 minutes on a Sunday. No exercise for a month will increase injuries when Sunday league does eventually return, whether that is in December or we have to wait until the new year until we can return to the sport we love, whether we are playing or watching. 

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It really will be a shame if grassroots football is not allowed to continue, so please sign any petitions you come across.

By Sam Hutchison

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