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Everything you need to know about the Essex Alliance Football League

By Jayed Uddin

Sharing a common aim, promoting local football in East London and Essex, The Essex Alliance
Football League was founded in 2014 with a total of six divisions. Before the league had been established, many of the teams were members of the aforementioned leagues and were then joined by other clubs to create a new Saturday league. The English Football League system has a total of six levels from the Premier League to the National Leagues North and South. After level five, the system has steps, which range from 1-7.

The league has six divisions (Senior, Premier, Divisions One, Two, Three and Four) consisting
of 76 teams, of which the Senior Division sits at 11th level in the English Football League
System, formerly Step 7 in the National League System, following the Football Association’s
approval to become a Regional NLS Feeder League (Step 7) from season 2021–22 onwards.

Teams that finish in the top five of the leagues can apply for promotion to the Division One
South of the Eastern Counties Football League (Step 6), subject to their facilities meeting
criteria and other conditions.

It was in 2022 where DT FC became the first direct promotion to senior football, who were
champions of the senior division within the Eastern Counties Football League Division One


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