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Work With WD Sportz: We’re Looking For People to Film With Us!

Football is more than just a game to so many people. It’s the heart of a community, something to really get invested in and a sport that brings so much positivity to a lot of lives. As well as all the big teams in the big leagues, there are people that choose to support their local clubs too. We are providing a platform for non-league and grassroots clubs to showcase their skills and passion. Every week we send a camera crew out to our paying clients to film their matches as well as behind the scenes clips. They then use the footage to analyse their performances, use it as social media content and much more. The uptake we’ve had this season alone is simply amazing and so much so that we are now looking to expand our team and take on more people to film. If you’re interested in finding out more, then read on! 

WD Sportz’s Vision: Celebrating the Real Heroes

Here at WD Sportz, we are committed to shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of football – the non-league and grassroots players, teams, and supporters. They understand that every corner kick and every goal celebration is a chapter in a larger story that deserves to be told.

Due to a rise in demand, we are now looking for some more filming partners to join us on our journey to becoming the number one sports filming company in the UK. Here’s a little bit more about the role. 

The Filmmaker’s Role: More Than Just Recording

The role itself will include being available on Saturday’s, Sunday or midweek games to film, edit or commentate. Whether you have your own equipment, or not, we are still taking applications for everyone. We are also not necessarily looking for people with the skill set at the moment as we are happy to train people up too. We’re a filming family here at WD Sportz so the most important things are that you’re willing, you have a love for football and a passion for putting these clubs and leagues on a platform. 

As a company, our job is to tell a story, bringing out the personalities of the players, the spirit of the community, and the journey of the team as well as all the action on the pitch. Every goal, every save, and every cheer should resonate with the viewers, evoking the passion that defines non-league and grassroots football.

How to Get Involved

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker with a penchant for storytelling and a love for football, WD Sportz offers you the chance to make a meaningful impact. The process begins with reaching out to WD Sportz through their dedicated lead form which we will put the link to at the bottom of the article. You may have a portfolio of work you wish to share, or a social media account you want us to view. You may also have no experience at all but are willing to learn. Both options are absolutely fine. 

Imagine having a front-row seat to the underdog triumphs, the nerve-wracking penalty shootouts, and the jubilant celebrations that show how amazing these games are. Imagine being the voice that narrates the stories of players who balance their passion for the sport with their daily lives. With all this in mind, we really hope to hear from you soon here at WD Sportz. 


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