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We just wanted to take an opportunity to remind you of each individual service we offer here at WD Sportz. Our number of games on a weekly basis has increased massively since starting out and we are so grateful for the support. As we grow, we are always looking to take on more teams and leagues for filming, editing, live streaming, commentating and social media management. In this blog we will add some more detail around these services and add a link at the end to speak to us directly – so let’s get stuck into it!

1. Filming Games for Teams, Clubs and Leagues

At the core of WD Sportz’s offerings is its filming service, which transcends the boundaries of traditional match recording. Utilising cutting-edge equipment and a team of skilled videographers, WD Sportz captures every thrilling moment on the field. From goals to silky skills and heart-stopping saves, the essence of grassroots football is captured in our match filming and highlight reels. We absolutely love working with local people and have now built a bank of amazing content as a result.

2. Editing After Filming

The journey doesn’t end with the final whistle. WD Sportz transforms raw footage into captivating highlights and match recaps. Through meticulous editing, the service ensures that each goal, tackle, and celebration is curated into a visually engaging video for a number of different platforms. The result is not just a game recording but a cinematic experience that encapsulates the intensity and emotion of grassroots football.

3. Live Streaming Games

In an era where connectivity is paramount, WD Sportz opens up new horizons for non-league and Sunday league clubs with its live streaming service. Whether it’s family members unable to attend or fans scattered across the country, WD Sportz enables clubs to broadcast their matches in real-time. This not only broadens the audience base but also creates a sense of community, allowing supporters to unite virtually and share the thrill of the game. This is a fairly new offering but one that we’re seeing becoming really popular.

4. Commentating Over Footage

To complement the visual spectacle, WD Sportz introduces professional commentary to the grassroots and non league football scene. Seasoned commentators bring an extra layer of excitement and analysis to the matches, elevating the viewing experience for everyone. The passion for the game is conveyed through articulate narration, enhancing the storytelling aspect of each match.

5. Social Media Management

We also offer social media managements for our clients. As we are already creating content awesome content, we also chop this up into short form video content for client accounts. This paired with graphics makes for an amazing social media management service. We usually post 3 times a week and help build your channels on a monthly basis. Ask us for more information on this. On top of this, we also have our own Facebook, Insta, TikTok, YouTube and X of over 15,000 people.

In essence, WD Sportz’s services go beyond the conventional to offer non-league and Sunday league clubs a platform to shine. By embracing the latest in technology and media, WD Sportz empowers these grassroots clubs to amplify their reach, engage with their community, and showcase the truly amazing moments that happen in these games. If you’d like to work with us here at WD Sportz then please click on the links below as we’d be delighted to chat to you.


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