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3 Ways To Support Your Local Grassroots or Non-League Club

Sure, the top leagues of the football pyramid are great and they already drum up lots of attention. But, the same wonder goals, flying challenges, silky skills and team moves can be found in non-league and at grassroots level too. If you want to watch a good game of football and not pay the extortionate ticket prices, then why not give your most local club a try this weekend? In this blog, we’ll discuss three different ways you can support your local club and why it’s so important to do so. So, without further ado, let’s get stuck into it.

Going To a Game

Getting more locals down to the games will never fail to make a local team smile. This will not only increase ticket sales but also sales on food, drinks, raffle tickets and more. In return, you’ll get to watch a cracking game of football, help the community and become part of something collective. If you bring your friends along too, then you get to have a good laugh with your mates, name something better than that. Non-League and grassroots clubs rely heavily on support from local people to enhance revenue that keeps the gates opening each week. Local football brings a whole host of benefits to it, so it’s important to ensure it can keep going. We urge you to find out where your most local game is this weekend, get your mates together and head down to the match, you won’t be disappointed.

Following Content on Social Media

Many non-league and grassroots teams turn to social media in order to grow a following and showcase what they get up to on a weekly basis. Not only is there some opportunity to make all important funds on social media, but there’s also a chance to properly exhibit what goes on behind the scenes. We’ve seen some teams make real progress on social media and as a result have seen their following grow massively, into the tens of thousands. Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube and X are all popular channels to find your local teams on. If you actively choose to consume the content, like content, share it and follow accounts, you’ll be massively helping these clubs and teams to be found by even more people. As part of the work we do with leagues and clubs, we create social media clips for clubs to use so be on the lookout for any teams to follow from what we’re posting too.

Buying Merchandise

Clubs that have made a little traction on social media often release merchandise for the general public to purchase. Sales from this will be re-invested into keeping the club healthy in terms of profit, to get better facilities and bits of equipment too. Once you know what team you like the look of, simply head over to their website and see what products are for sale.

We hope this blog has given you some inspiration to go see your local team play as well as some other ideas on how to support them. If you’d like to see some of the clips we have produced for teams and leagues across the board then get in touch with us or head over to our social media channels @wdsportz – see you there!

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