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Would 5 Substitutes benefit the Premier League?

Following recent comments by top managers such as Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, what would change if the premier league did Allow 2 extra Substitutes per game?

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, an supporter of more subs.

To start, the issue has arisen because of the amount of injuries suffered this season, especially by the top teams in the league. 5 Subs would make it so that more players would play, and players wouldn’t have to play on with minor injuries. This has meant Liverpool have none of their first choice defence are fit for their next game.

So, what would more subs mean for the rest of the league? The main criticism of extra subs is that it only benefits the top teams. This is because of the extra quality on the bench of teams such as Manchester United and Liverpool. Both these teams have huge summer signings who cannot get into the starting XI for their clubs. For example, Diogo Jota and Donny Van De Beek.

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Donny Van De Beek coming on for the Netherlands

So what do smaller sides gain from this? it would mean that all injuries would be reduced, but currently the main source of injuries is in the top clubs. This is because they have such packed schedules currently. Liverpool, for example, are playing in both domestic cups, the Champions League and the Premier League. This gives them little time to rest in between games. However, the smaller clubs seem to have less of a benefit. When teams like Aston Villa and Sheffield United are not making many signings, what do they gain from extra subs? Without the big name expensive summer signings, there is no benefit of more substitutes without the quality on the bench.

For the entire Premier League, extra subs would help reduce the amount of injuries and protect the players. But, it could also mean that the exciting results we have seen could stop, and we would be back to watching the favourites win every week.

Could we see the Premier League adopt more substitutes, like the EFL?

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By Sam Hutchison

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