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Will Qatar open up a new world in non-league? – The Official Website Of The Essex Senior Football League


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In just a few weeks the long waited much discussed world cup will kick off in Qatar the first tournament to take place during a football season since the inception of the cup in 1930. I’m not going to comment of any of the political stuff as there had been plenty of that in the media already and no doubt there will be loads more.

I’m wondering if it being staged when it is & the suspension of the fat cat football during the tournament will open up any opportunities like the early restart of football during the pandemic when the only football that could be watched in the flesh was our much loved non league game.

Obviously with all that is going on in the cost of living in this country a lot of us have noticed our crowds dropping off as people look more carefully at their spending , we will however have the opportunity to attract a new audience for a few weeks and we need to hope that we can try to make any new support stick.

During my time as a chairman I have constantly tried to do things to attract support to my clubs games a lot of the time it hasn’t worked as is probably to be expected when you play in London an area with so many higher ranking clubs nearby or so many other attractions but i always feel you have to try.

This season we have done a midweek season ticket aimed mainly at floating football support and the reaction and uptake had been surprising in a positive way.

I think we all need to look at the world cup as having a month of non league says its an opportunity to spread the non league word for all of us its an opportunity for us to try to raise not only revenue but also the profile of the game at our level to an new audience.


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