Last night, Arsenal were defeated 1-0 by visiting Burnley, after a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang own goal.

In an absolutely dismal performance, which saw Granit Xhaka sent off, Arsenal looked lacklustre throughout.

With Arsenal sitting 15th in the table after 12 games, many fans are asking the same question.

Will Mikel Arteta get the sack?

Its a tough question and one that has strongly divided the fans.

Arteta watches on against Burnley. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

What do the fans say?

After the loss last night, Arsenal fans all over social media were up in arms and deep in debate over this issue.

When I reached out to Arsenal fans, there was a variety of answers, with many different reasons

The first I asked said no, his point being that as we are so close to a transfer window changing right now would do more bad than good. They believed that Arteta should be given the window to attempt to turn things around. Also doubting that the board would pull the trigger and relieve Arteta of his duties.

The second opinion that I got was also a no. This fan was of the opinion that if Arsenal lose their next outing against Southampton, then he should go. The reason for this? before Arteta came in their was a creativity problem that Arteta hasn’t solved. Additionally, a lack of freedom in the attacking third and the selection of players who haven’t played well enough to start. Such as Bellerin, Xhaka and Willian.

Xhaka see’s red versus Burnley. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

One opinion I found was that whilst Arteta had been poor, sacking him wouldn’t change anything. This fan stressed that the club needs to address issues from top to bottom. This fan felt that their was too much ‘dead weight’ such as, Luiz, Chambers, Elneny and Willian. He felt Arsenal have had too many players who make an instant impact, but as they get older and their contract runs down then the club overspend on contracts to keep them. Key examples of this being Aubameyang, based on his form this season, Ozil and Willian. Furthermore, poor signings that wasted wage money, such as Lichtsteiner and Denis Suarez. He cited the needs to adopt a model like Leicester, sign hungry players that will work hard for their place and to further the club.

However, not every opinion supported the idea that Arteta should keep his job. The final opinion I was given was that it is a tough decision, but ultimately Arteta should be sacked. It was important to stress that Arteta is a young, new manager and hasn’t had a chance to change the squad. But, this seasons form has been awful and the style of play isn’t good enough to suggest that it’ll get better.

What do you think? Should Arteta be the first manager to get the sack this year? Let us Know!

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