After a month long lockdown here in England, grassroots football, including Sunday league and Non-league football, will return from the 2nd. That means that next week non-elite football will be back, and a slight return to normality.

LEICESTER, ENGLAND (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

So, with Sunday league making its long awaited return, what can we expect from this return to action?

For starters, Fans can go back into stadiums in some areas of the country, capped at 2000 fans in tier 2, and 4000 in tier 1. Whilst much of the country will stay in tier 3, some fans will return to stadiums next week.

Another impact of this return is that clubs further down the league system will be able to begin making money again, allowing for teams and clubs to try to not go bust, but Sunday league coming back may still not be enough to keep clubs afloat.

In previous articles, the effects that a lockdown may have on players and clubs has been looked at, but it was difficult to predict just what changes would happen after the Lockdown ended.

The key to survival for many clubs could be when more fans can make a comeback.Only then will clubs start to be able to breathe a little easier knowing that they shouldn’t have to worry so much about revenue.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

For the players, the return to the pitch is long overdue, and my bet would be that players cannot wait to get back out playing again. After not playing for a month, lots of players will have returned from injuries, and be well up for a good game. This weekend we could see some of the best football played on fields up and down the country that we’ve ever seen!

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By Sam Hutchison

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