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How the postponement of a Premier League fixture is a victory.

It may seem weird to suggest that a forceful, disruptive protest is a good thing, but in the current Footballing climate, it is exactly that.

Prior to Sunday’s fixture between Manchester United and Liverpool, historically one of the Premier League’s biggest fixtures, fans entered Old Trafford and gained access to the pitch.

Before the game, scheduled for a 4:30 kick off, there was a protest against the Glazers, who own Manchester United. This protest was a continuation to opposition against the failed European Super League (ESL), of which the Glazers were one of the ringleaders.

Since the announcement, and subsequent failure, of the ESL, there have been many protests across England.

Firstly, Chelsea fans protested, a move which forced their club to reconsider their position and pull out of the ESL.

Secondly, Arsenal fans protested against their owner Stan Kroenke, drawing thousands of fans to the Emirates stadium.

Finally, Liverpool fans organised a smaller protest, which opened communication between the board and fans, with meetings scheduled for the coming weeks.

However, their was something different about the protests at Manchester United.

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Whilst all protests have, for the majority, been peaceful, the Manchester United fans took things further.

Thousands gathered outside the stadium, much like in the other protests, with flares and megaphones to voice their discontent. However, when fans entered the stadium events took a turn.

This time, fans were able to make a true difference.

As Sky Sports broadcast live, fans entered the back of the shot, storming onto the Old Trafford pitch.

The fans remained on the pitch, forcing the 4:30 kick off to be delayed and eventually postponed for a date not yet set by the Premier League.

So, why is this a victory?

This should be considered a victory because it truly made a difference, where it could be argued not all others did.

These fans caused a disruption, and whilst that isn’t necessarily a good thing, in these extreme circumstances it is.

The fans showed the owners that once and for all, the fans have a voice, no matter how much you try and silence or ignore that voice.

Ultimately it proves that the fans won’t stand for mistreatment or disregard from owners. It emphasises that we are fans, not customers.

Fan’s aren’t influenced by money or revenue, they want what is best for the club from a Footballing perspective, not a business one.

The forceful cancellation of the fixture ensures that this protest will go down in history in the fight against owners who turn their backs on the fans.

It remains to be seen whether this will be a victory on the course of cleansing Football, or whether it will be a hollow victory against owners who will ultimately do nothing, but one thing is still for sure.

Football is for the fans, by the fans, and that is something that should never be forgotten.

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