Here’s how THIS Charitable organisation is helping people through the pandemic!

Here at WD Sportz, we find that exercise is not only our passion, but it helps us in everyday life, with our mental health and more. Rightly so, a large focus has been placed on mental health during the course of the pandemic and it’s vital to keep the conversation going – something THIS amazing organisation has been doing in abundance. Running Head First are a mental health organisation that use physical activity to help people who aren’t feeling themselves, transform their mindset. 

The organisation has 30 years of experience in the public health and fitness industry, and was founded in 2019 to help all people to improve not only their physical wellbeing but their mental health as well. The organisation is built upon the experience and expertise of its founders, meaning that the best help you can get is available through Running Head First, as well as them being able to help with any issues you may have. They have a series of physical and nutritional programmes that cover things such as mindset, food groups, exercise routines, running advice, stretching, sleep, water intake and more! They’ve worked with schools to introduce healthy lifestyle and routines to children, with organisations to promote employee wellbeing and with individuals who have bravely reached out in their darkest hour. 

The last year has been hard on almost everyone, but Running Head First want to help YOU get into exercise and put your mind at ease! They offer complementary counselling in conjunction with run clubs and other programmes, so that your mental health improves noticeably through your time with the organisation!

Running, football and all other sports have so many benefits, especially if you find the exercise fun! Running Head First helps you to find an exercise you enjoy, which is proven to benefit your mental health, with a welcome side effect of benefitting your physical health as well!

Check out their website HERE if you would like to know more and support this amazing organisation! 

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