I managed to catch-up with Kris (the SE Dons Cameraman) on all things SE Dons, Sunday League football and their future. The future of Sunday League is very bright and Kris is extremely enthusiastic about where all of this can go.

Full interview below otherwise its split into snippets on the various topics covered which can also be seen following the full interview:

Sum up what you guys (SE Dons) do and how it all started/initial idea?

Could you ever see it getting to where it is now?

Participation figures for grassroots dropped between 2005-2014 but since then and especially the last few years figures have boomed, do you think you had a part to play in that?

Is the feedback/messages generally positive or negative, what type of perception?

Has it helped communities/fans/people you know in anyway and potentially inspired them?

What are your thoughts on some of the negative perceptions of SE Dons?

Would you say you’ve set the benchmark and created a ‘new norm’ for Sunday league, if so what is the ‘new norm’ in your opinion?

Do you believe you’ve set a blueprint for others to follow in Sunday league?

How do people compete with the likes of you guys?

What does the future hold for Sunday league: In terms of personally and overall?

What are your future ambitions for Sunday league/SE Dons?

Finally, how would you like to be remembered?

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